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A Visit to Supermarket

A school tour at the school mess (Tasty Spoon) creates great learning opportunities for the kids.

On Friday, October 14th, the pre-primary wing visited the school mess 5 minutes away from the department. A grocery shop setup was created. Students were made aware of the different sections like- Grocery, fruits, vegetables, dairy products etc.

Our little champs saw a wide variety of food grains. They were thrilled to see the huge kitchen where the breakfast is prepared for them every day. The mess Manager satisfied the queries of the young minds by explaining them about the working of the different machines in the mess. For a change the breakfast for the kids was served in the mess only.

The visit to the mess was a great learning experience for each child. This hands-on learning experience exposed children to the process of buying till the food comes to the table in a fun, real-world setting. Expressing gratitude to all the staff members was a part of this educational visit.

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