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Blood Donation Camp 2021

“Making a donation is ultimate sign of solidarity.”

Heroes are not those who fly in the sky but are the ones who stand by our side in difficult times. Gajera trust has always been in the frontline in all such situations. And during this pandemic, Gajera trust has organised a 4 day blood donation camp at Laxmi Vidyapeeth, the first day of the camp was successfully completed today and will continue on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of May. Today’s event was graced by Shri Ramanbhai Patkar, Minister of tribal and forest department.

The day 1 of blood donation was carried out swiftly by the joint efforts of important pillars of LVS fraternity; Campus Coordinator Ashish Vaghanee, LIT Engineering College Director Dr B V Patil, LIM Management College Dr Keyur Naik, LIS Principal Pravin Pawar and Vice Principal Joy Sardar, LGS Vice Principal Kaustubh Arekar. It was great to see the LVS staff’s active and voluntary participation.

While the whole world is braving a pandemic currently, all the people who came forward at the camp to willingly donate their blood and help others really deserve applause and respect. This also gives us a message that together if each one of us come forward to help others we will be able to win through this situation.

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