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Blue Week Celebration

“Let the blue sky meet the blue sea and all is blue for a time”

Color Day gives us the opportunity to take our children into a magical world where colors come alive. Each color so unique and special in making the world we live in, so beautiful – Just like each little child in our care, unique and so very special. Also Color Day celebrations have their own significance of explaining the kids about primary and secondary colors.

Laxmi International School, celebrates Color Week every month for the Nursery kids. The color theme of the month was Blue- the color of loyalty, strength, wisdom and trust has a very vital place in our lives. To increase the knowledge of colors and their significance, we at LIS Sarigam organized a virtual Blue Week Celebration for our Nursery kids. The importance of blue color was delivered with a series of activities to make learning fun for our tiny tots. All those days all the teachers and students were dressed up in different shades of blue. Teachers introduced blue color by displaying different objects and cut outs. Kids played sorting games enthusiastically using their favorite toys. Our young learners made a sea scene using paper plates and paper craft.

Excitement and passion was seen everywhere as students participated in with full keenness and eager to learn more about the Blue Color.

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