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Breathing Exercises

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

I’m on a mission. I’m determined to help my children learn self-regulation skills to feel successful in life. We are trying to figure out to manage our big emotions; we’re turning mainly to the simplest practice: our breath. We’re practicing various breathing exercises for kids to help to calm and focus on mind and body.

When it comes to deep breathing exercises for kids, the key is to make these exercises fun and easy to remember. The good thing about breathing exercises is that they don’t cost a thing, and they can be used anywhere at any time. While these breathing techniques are effective for calming children in moments of overwhelm, they’re also effective for getting children to settle down before bedtime.

The goal of calming exercises is to get you “fight, flight, freeze mode back to “rest and digest’ mode. Deep breathing helps get more oxygen into our bloodstream, opening our capillaries. It has a physical effect on our body to help us

calm down and lower stress.

So deep breathing does make a big difference for kids. Below mentioned are the benefits of deep breathing.

· Reduced feelings of anxiety and overwhelm

· Lowered stress levels

· Relaxed muscles

· Increased energy levels

Kid friendly breathing exercises were conducted during assembly. Educators also took active part in the exercises.

Flower Breath, Wood chopper breath and Bee Breath are few of them.

Quick note: The breathing we want kids to do is deep belly breaths, not shallow chest breaths. When we breathe in, their belly should expand and when they breathe out, their belly should contract.

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