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Coloring Activity

“Colors are brighter when the mind is open”.

We at LIS believe that every child or person has an ocean of inner strengths. The proportion of these strengths varies from person to person. But the only need is to develop these strengths and to develop this power. It is necessary that proper environment, guidance, and encouragement should be provided as required. If a child gets all these in correct proportion then his hidden talents develop.

The main aim behind this is that the child can develop expertise in the field of his choice.

Coloring activity was conducted for Preprimary Children (Nursery – SR KG) on 13/06/2022.

Little ones have always fantasized about colors. Thus the first activity for this session 2022-23 for the preprimary department was Coloring activity, where in students brought in their colorful imaginations.

Children participated with zeal and showed their talent. It helped them in exploring new ideas, creativity as well as a sense of colors.

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