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Commencement of Virtual Learning 2021-2022

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Back to school in 2021 was totally different but it was a day of celebration.

Celebrating child's first day of school usually means excitement (or nervousness) kids with backpacks filled with fresh notebooks and unsharpened pencils excited to meet new teachers and friends. But this year is a year of difference, for kids, back to school was held at home as we have decided to start the school year with virtual instruction.

The day started with few warm up exercises followed by assembly. A welcome speech was delivered by the principal and teachers sang a welcome song for them.

Students LOVE learning silly and special things about their teachers. This helps both to connect and feel comfortable. Teachers shared about their family, favorite things to do, books to read, favorite cartoon character, favorite food and favorite color. The purpose was to connect the kids with it and say ' Hey me too!’ is a win.

Everyone’s virtual learning space looks different as everyone is at home. That is Ok and to be celebrated. We want kids to feel proud of their learning space and to feel like it’s a comfortable space.

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