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Covid - A Dynamic State of Mind

Updated: Jun 26, 2021

If you are a part of this corona wave then you cannot deny that physical strength is the reflection of our positive mental health.

Experts have concluded if your mental strength is unbreakable then your physical strength becomes like an unbreakable mountain.

Corona is not only a disease but is also a way of thinking.

By practising various mental exercises in our daily routine, we can be free from any trauma or negativity. The actual goal of life is to reach through the core of your spiritual strengths.

And now is the time to develop your spiritual aspect because we have enough time and need to do it. During this pandemic, you must be in deep brainstorming about what kind of destruction is this. Why is this happening? You must be thinking that this is the height of destruction. The world will be destroyed one day if things will keep going on like this.

But no, the world is not going to end soon. This is just the beginning. According to the shastras (holy books), this phase is called Kaliyug. The destruction and sorrows are going to continue till 4,32,000 years of which 500 years have passed.

It is important to understand what Kaliyug is?

Kali is a demon who lives in lies, anger, envy, false pride, jealousy, endearment etc. If you are carrying any of these things in your heart and mind you are overpowered by the demon named Kali, as nowadays 75% of people carry the demon Kali which is the reason behind the current destruction.

So now as we know about this demon Kali. What is our role? What can we do?? What is expected out of us???

Simply try and stay away from all these vices viz. lies, anger, envy, pride, jealousy and endearment.

How to stay away from all of this is what comes next to our mind???

Think about it when the demon Kali enters you through these negativities? Think of the reasons why you are getting angry? Is it valid to get angry over any issue? Is it worth your time and energy? Now the question arises what is the best practice that can help us deal with our anger issues? Lets understand a few things that would help us in a long way.

Meditation- To think over your actions, keeping your eyes closed analysing yourself is called meditation. Once you will analyse yourself you will get to know that there is no strong reason behind letting these negativities enter into our body and mind. Instead, we have many reasons to be happy. Think over those reasons about which you are happy. You must be filled with a lot of different emotions. So which one do you love the most??

You have observed that there is more happiness and blissfulness in thinking of positive aspects than focusing on negative aspects. So when the choice is yours to think over negative and positive, to stay positive or negative, why can't we focus on positivity?

Where does positivity come from? Positivity is an energy and can be self-generated. Positive Vibes come from loving, caring, taking blessings from the people around, thinking good about everyone, knowing that we all the people on earth belong to one family.

Karma Cycle: -

Karma cycle is simply we get what we have sown. Whatever happens to you is all you deserve in return. Karma means action or reaction to the situations coming to you. Your karma decides how your future is going to be, situations are not in our control but reacting to them is our Karma that reaction will be our future so let us understand how Karma functions.

Karma: -

Think before you speak to anyone. But how you would feel if you have been told to search for words which you are going to speak? Are you well aware of what you are going to say or it's just an impact of demon Kali.?

You must be thinking that I am telling the truth, what's wrong if the truth feels bad or hurts someone? Many people have said that the truth is bitter but that's not a fact. Being straightforward does not mean being rude. Being straightforward is to present the thought or situation the way it is. There are always different ways to present your thoughts to anyone.

The way of presenting your thoughts by your speech should be moulded in such a way that it should not disturb the peace of the listener, it should not be hurting, it should not be agitating so think about the way you speak and others speak to you. Speech should be respectful to everyone. It is one of the important parts to build our mental peace and immunity.

Purifying Mind: -

Meditation is a state where we pause our material life for some time and focus on our soul aspect to introspect what we are actually from inside.

why search for the soul? Because it has answers to the causes and solutions to your every problem.

We should always stick to our root to stay lively and happy and that root is the supreme lord. We must know the importance of chanting god's name (creator) thanking him. It not only purifies our speech and soul but also provides enough oxygen to our body which is lacking the most nowadays and people are dying because of not getting enough oxygen though it is freely available in the environment then why are we not using it properly? When we are chanting God's name, the vibration in our body removes all junk energy and makes space for good energy. It has been observed that a person who is chanting is more oxygenated than a person not chanting.

Food: -

Our body is made up of what we have eaten since birth. Our body is made up of 3 Guna which is Sato Guna(doing something like a duty), Rajo Guna(doing something to fulfil our materialistic desires) and Tamo guna(doing something useless or out of fear). Food has been a very important aspect in developing our "Guna '' or can say characteristics.

Observe yourself. Sometimes do you feel anxious, angry, disheartened, frustrated, lazy, or lethargic without any reason? If yes, the reason is your food. The food we eat helps in the development of characteristics.

Satvik food: -

The food which is filled with juices, fragrance, taste, sweets, things made with milk gives us good strength and energy. They help to make a person live a long healthy and happy life. These are called Satvik food. They include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, milk products, nuts and seeds, sweets, raw food. We should not consume food cooked or processed before 3 hours if we are eating cooked food it should be consumed within three hours and if there is leftover food please feed to those who are hungry instead of having it again in your next meal.

Rajasic food: -

Excessive spicy, salty, sour, hot, dried, food causes a burning sensation, packaged food and snacks etc are all favourable to the Rajasic people. Such food is the reason for sadness, depression and diseases in the short or long run. It is best to avoid such foods forever or consume very little.

Tamasic food: -

In other words, the dead food. The Tamasic food is the food cooked before three hours, junk, processed and packed before many days(frozen foods), foul-smelling like non-vegetarian food, including onion and garlic. How such can give you life? Such type of food is always a reason to sorrows, sudden accidents, mental discomfort etc One needs to find out more about this and avoid it in daily routine as soon as possible.

Purifying body: -

Cleansing the body daily, seeking blessings of the superpowers, thanking those who helped us to grow helps us to purify our body. The superpowers are the supreme lord, our teachers, and our parents. We must seek blessings from our elders.

Some brainstorming quotes for you to think over.....

“Your life is a reflection of your thoughts”.

“Instead of a gem, we should cast the gift of a loving thought into the heart of a person”.

“Your natural state is harmony and peace, that's why it takes less energy to smile than it does to frown”.

“Divine source of energy is constantly working through you trusting your higher self”.

“An intelligent person does not take part in the sources of misery which are due to contact with the material senses”.

We cannot plan the future but we can be prepared for the future.

Thank you


Mr. Joy Sardar

Sr. Secondary Vice Principal

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