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Dress- up-day- 'My Family, My Inspiration'

Do you remember dressing up as a superhero or a princess when you were little? Many of us eagerly transformed our wardrobe into something imaginary on a regular basis. Today, dressing up isn't just fun for the youngest ones.

In fact, you've received a note from school announcing a special dress up day coinciding with a project in your elementary schooler's classroom. Children are now being given the opportunity to dress up at school — and it's helping them construct and celebrate their learning.

Dressing up for special themes is often educational — and motivational — for students. Schools are promoting thematic dress up days because it helps to:

  • Build class/school spirit

  • Develop community

  • Encourage creativity and imagination

  • Allow for self-expression

  • Challenge kids to think outside the box and tie their ideas to things they are studying

  • Promote attendance and participation

  • Celebrate hard work

Family Dress up day was celebrated for LIS pre primary kids on mid July 2022. Kids came dressed up as father, mother, grandparents, brother, sisters and so on. It was really amazing to see them in sari, dhoti, and pajamas with turban. The best part was where they had enacted as their favorite character. The program concluded with a ramp walk.

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