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Updated: Jul 17, 2021

“The best thing you can spend on your kid is time. Cherish each moment with your children for you can never bring back their childhood.”

Parenting has always been tough, but home schooling, working from home and all the financial uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 has made it even tougher. With many schools and workplaces closed due to the corona virus pandemic, many of us have found ourselves dealing with a new, and often very stressful, family situation. Keep in mind that this is a stressful time for kids as well, and that it’s normal for them to act out in ways they normally wouldn’t. With the shift to virtual learning, parent’s engagement is arguably more important than ever. With added engagement required from parents in online learning, how can they discover their best role to play?

A webinar “EACH MOMENT IS IMPORTANT” was arranged for the pre primary parents on Wednesday 14th July 2021.

Mrs Anshu Dua, an educationist, a curriculum developer, Synthetic phonics trainer was the resource person of the day. She guided the parents and explained their role to ensure optimal learning for their children and requested them to spend time together to create memories that will last a lifetime.

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