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Educators Development Program

2020 is the “year of small things” but this year has taught great lessons to everyone. Teachers across the globe are no exception; they have not only learned the art of virtual classrooms but have also designed the curriculum overnight to meet this new demand.

While you are reading this, our preschool teachers may be planning to jump, dance and sing to a screen as if she is conducting her circle time.

Every teacher has shown that nothing is impossible if a teacher aims to invest in the learning curve of children. The way of teaching is changing with every passing day but one aspect that remains constant is the fact that teachers are blessed to have that immense power in their hands through which they can really shape the future of this world. In this rapidly changing world, there is no doubt about the significance of a child’s early years and thereby the need for skilled early childhood education professionals.

Taking into considerations Gajera Trust has arranged 10 days Educator’s Development Program for the Pre primary teachers from 4th to 14th August 2021.

1st day session was on ‘Teaching VS Facilitation’” by Ms Neha Desai. She talked on the differences between teaching and facilitating. Teaching is actually teacher centered where as facilitating is student centered and is dedicated to learning. In teaching, teacher is a subject matter and delivery expert where as facilitator is a learning process expert.

Day-2 session was on “Theories and approaches for Child development”. In the Early Childhood World there are many theories for child development. Ms Khyati talked about different psychologists like Maria Montessori, Jean Piaget, Benjamin Bloom, Erik Erikson, Howard Gardener and Kath Murdoch and their theories and approaches of child and cognitive development.

Day- 3 session was on “Developmental milestones/Child development & Learning cycle” by Ms Neha Desai

Day- 4 Ms Kavita Kor talked about the “Scope and sequence” of early childhood education. The scope refers to the areas of development addressed by the curriculum. The sequence includes plans and materials for learning experiences to support and extend children's learning at various levels of development.

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