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Engineer's Day

To commemorate ' Engineer's Day' in the memory of Mokshagundam Visvesvaraya the finest Engineer, Laxmi International School organised an interactive session on "Engineering- Changing trends and Career perspects" on September 15,2021. The students got an exposure of how engineers carve reality out of dreams and how sometimes, their creations fascinate and amaze people.

The seminar started with a brief introduction of a few renowned engineers and the achievements of Sir Visvesvaraya Mokshagundam. Students witnessed the contribution of engineers, how they add pace and aesthetics in the world of machines and thus made daily life works easier. The speaker highlighted on changing trends in the field of Engineering. Speaker through his presentation tried to inculcate and nurture the responsibility and duties of an individual towards the nation, nature and their life. It ended with an stimulating activity which students enjoyed.

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