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English Language Day

Celebrating English Language Day with Poetry Recitation Competition

April 23rd is celebrated as English Language Day to commemorate the birth and death anniversaries of two literary giants – William Shakespeare and Miguel de Cervantes. In order to celebrate this day, a poetry recitation competition was organized in Laxmi International school on 24th April 2023 in Dhwani Auditorium.

The competition was held for grades 1 - 5, and we had an overwhelming response from the participants.Theme for different grades were:

Grade 1 Nature

Grade 2 Aquatic animals

Grade 3 Memory

Grade 4 Seasons

Grade 5 Imagination

Each participant was judged on various criteria such as pronunciation, diction, expression, and overall presentation.

The competition was divided into two rounds – preliminary and final. The preliminary round was held a week prior to the final round, and the selected finalists were given a week to prepare.

The participants then took the stage one by one, reciting their poems with great passion and enthusiasm. The audience was spellbound by the performances of the students, and it was evident that they had put in a lot of effort and practice.

Overall, the competition was a huge success in celebrating English Language Day and promoting literary proficiency among the students.

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