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English Rhymes Recitation Competition

Competitions play a significant role in shaping and motivating individuals to perform to the best of their capabilities and learn varied skills that aid their all-round development. They offer a lot more than just rewards. By engaging in different kinds of competitions one gains substantial experience, showcase and evaluate skills and discover several personality traits in the process.

Laxmi International School (LIS) Sarigam believes in the overall development of their students which includes language development, cognitive development and emotional development. The students of kindergarten enjoyed taking part in the English Recitation Competition held on 22nd December 21. They recited different poems on the topic ‘Animals’, ‘Transport’ and ‘Personal Hygiene’. It was fun filled and the students were given an opportunity to exhibit their speaking skills and confidence.

Rhymes help children to experience the rhythm of a language. As they recite nursery rhymes, they learn to speak with voice modulation, expressions, confidence, and actions. Rhymes also prove handy in engaging kids which is an essential component to keep them happy and cheerful.

The virtual English rhyme recitation competition encouraged the young learners to recite a rhyme with creativity and fluency. All most all the kids from each class presented their rhyme on video mode without any of the parents or teachers prompting them from behind or helping them out in some way or the other.

They were judged on rubrics like voice modulation, clarity of speech, choice of props and their use, actions and expressions, selection of rhyme, etc. The top three students were awarded first, second, and third positions followed by three students receiving the shining star performance badge (consolation prizes). Participation certificates were shared with all the students upon the completion of the event.

It was a treat to watch the little children all decked up with appropriate props as they shared a few lines with all their heart. The confidence shown by each during the competition was commendable.

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