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Pet Day

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Pets are part of the family. Even kids who do not have pets at home are

interested in dogs, cats, fish, and other animals. Pet Day was celebrated at LIS Pre primary from 17th to 20th April. But this time it’s not just a celebration a pets theme was planned to teach children about the different types of animals that make good pets and how to care for pets, such as meeting their needs of food, water, shelter and love. This is an important part of developing empathy!

To make learning fun and engaging we planned this PET THEME ACTIVITIES

· Pet theme Math Activities

· Pet theme Literacy Activities

· Pet theme Fine Motor Activities

· Pet theme Dramatic Play Activities

As our kids participated in activities around a common theme about pets, they developed important early learning skills such as oral language, phonological awareness, number sense, and more. To develop logical thought and reasoning skills patterning worksheet was made. Pets graph worksheet provided our students with fun data collection.

Nursery Activities-

Dog Play Dough Activity

Playing with play dough is an excellent way to develop and strengthen the muscles for our Nursery kids, little hands and fingers. We added in some letter learning fun and a pretend play element and we have a great all round activity.

The actions of pinching off pieces of play dough, then squashing them together and rolling them into balls, before squishing them down to make pet biscuits, gave our kid’s hands a thorough workout.

D is for Dog

To reinforce the beginning sound of “D is for Dog”, teacher took one of our wooden letters D’s and asked the kids to press this down into each of the biscuits.

Feeding Time

Then it was time for kid’s favorite part of the activity – feeding the biscuits to the toy dogs. We love watching their imagination sprung to life as they take on a new role. This activity was perfect for them right now.

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