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Fire Mock Drill

Mock fire drills and evacuation drills were executed for the KG department to create awareness and preparedness during calamities. The students were trained to be alert, quick and responsible, follow instructions, maintain calm and avoid panic to avert stampede and casualties. The main aim of the drill was to build courage and confidence amongst students during emergencies.

The staff members instructed and guided kids a day prior. The teachers assist the students as soon as the fire alarm went off. The students quickly moved out in proper lines, covering their nose. They were evacuated from the school building in 3 minutes 12 seconds. Students are trained to reach the safe designated areas allocated for each class in case of any emergency. Head count was done by the class teachers to ensure the presence of everyone. Special training has been imparted to the staff members to handle crisis and give first-aid relief if required.

The drills focused on activation of the full response system, incorporated decision making and life safety aspects and was followed by a review session.

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