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Food Day

"HEALTHY isn’t a GOAL,

It’s a way of LIVING".

Deciding on a particular diet is only half the job done. The true test lies in getting our child to eat healthy. With everyone switching to organic foods, we could perhaps grow fruits and vegetables of our own. We can involve our child in the act of planting, watering, and monitoring the products with us. It is a sure-shot way to instill in them the interest to eat healthily. As a result of the present situation, we are ordering our groceries and vegetables online. We could make our child sit with us and discuss the various types of food and the purpose of its consumption.

Furthermore, we could seek our child’s assistance to make a sandwich filled with veggies, or make a fruit or vegetable salad together. Healthy eating and immunity-boosting have never been as important as it is. Hence a well-balanced and nutritious diet is in order.

To create awareness about healthy food LIS KG organized a Food Day. Information was given; display boards emphasized the importance of nutritious and healthy food habits

Some of the events like Fruit Salad making, using veggies for decoration, tasting and talking about fried and steamed food. Carried the message of “Healthy Heart, Healthy Body”.

Kid’s corner with a variety of mouthwatering homemade delicious dishes tempted and attracted each and everyone alike. Principal congratulated the students for their active participation and commendable presentation. With added knowledge about different international cuisine, basic table manners and ethics the tiny tots were excited to brief their parents about their wonderful experience.

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