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Good Touch/ Bad Touch

Nowadays, we hear a lot about child abuse and molestation. Every single day, the media reports such cases where young children, both boys and girls, are sexually abused by an adult around them. The problem is, that they do not even know what is happening because most of the time, targets are very young children, below 6-7 years of age as they are too young to understand the difference between right and wrong. We should start teaching young children about “Good Touch Bad Touch” to help prevent more damage as it is high time and alarming situation for parents to come in action.

Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room–physical abuse. It’s something that most parents have a hard time talking about. However, awareness is power. It’s important that we create opportunities to talk to our children about what a good touch is and what is not.

As a strong step towards making our children safe, Laxmi International School, Sarigam conducted a webinar on the topic of, ‘Good Touch Bad Touch.’ The workshop was conducted by Dr Ankita Marjadi, M.D Homoeopathy, and a Psychotherapist. She is a Certified Child Birth Practioner and has Certification in Child Health.

Taking responsibility to sensitize and equip the children, so that they can handle the ‘not so positive events’ in life in a better way, the goal of the interaction was to inform them about potentially dangerous situations, without causing any anxiety.

The interactive webinar also dwelled on the urgent need to empower young children to report any abuse, apprehension or fear that they may have to selected adults in the school or at home that include the safe circle like- school counselor, the Principal, teachers and other adults like- mother, father and grandparents the students may feel safe with.

The session concluded with question answer round. Dr Ankita addressed the queries and the session ended with a good note.

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