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Good Touch/ Bad Touch

Be cautious,

Be Alert,

Teach your kids

Good touch,

Bad touch,

We are responsible for their "SAFETY"

Let's give them "SAFE' childhood.

In today’s time, news on child abuse, kidnaps, molestation, etc., is prevalent and a matter of concern. As a parent to a young child, we want to keep our child safe and protected. Accordingly, it’s essential to empower the children with the proper knowledge about good touch and bad touch before it’s too late.

It is imperative to create opportunities to talk to the children and discuss what a good touch is and what is not. Even though we may think that our child is too young to understand the difference between the good and bad touch and other such topics, but they are not. As school we have some moral responsibilities. Hence LIS Pre primary initiated to talk about these subjects with ease, so that they learn about them from an early age without getting scared.

We talked to kids about various kinds of touches. For example, good touch feels caring, like a pat on the head, back, or a bear hug. In comparison, a bad touch can hurt your body or feelings, such as pinching, hitting, or touching any private area. Let children know that it’s ok to say no if you don’t like any touch, even from a friend or a family member. Through dramatization teachers explained about the swimsuit rule, the ownership of their body, fight back, don’t be shy and to trust their decision. It was an interactive session where educators asked questions and kids replied it confidently.

Now parents also have the responsibility to teach the kids to differentiate between good and bad things in the world. If you find symptoms such as doing poorly in school, looking dull or uninterested, bed wetting & thumb sucking suddenly, or any behavioral change in your kid, then talk with them. Keep calm and listen to your child.

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