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Good Touch and Bad Touch

"Say NO in a loud voice

GO to a safe place

and TELL an adult you trust"

If you are a parent to young children, you obviously want to keep them safe and protected, but to keep them safe, you can’t just cage them inside the house. If you want your little ones to be confident and want them to achieve their dreams, you will have to allow them to leave their comfort zone and explore the outside world. When we talk about child safety along with parent school plays an important role. As a cautious parent you can prepare your child to face the (good and bad) world outside there. At the same time school is equally responsible to teach kids to differentiate between a good touch and a bad touch.

A session on Good Touch and Bad Touch was conducted on 3rd August 2022 for the pre primary kids at LIS Multipurpose hall. Mrs Anupama Gour, a special educator of Laxmi International School conducted the session. A PPT was shown to the kids. She had demonstrated that “you are the boss of your body”, explained about good touch versus bad touch, safe circle, even they can say “No” or “Stop” or “I don't like that” or “Don't touch me” or anything else that means NO. It was really an informative session which will help kids to better understand how to protect themselves from abuse and it encourages open communication between parents and their children.

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