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Hands On Activities

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn.”

Hand on learning is a process of learning by actually doing and experiencing something, rather than just being told about it. The term ‘hands on’ is used because these activities usually involve the physical use of both the hands- for example children might use manipulative such as counting cubes, beads and sorting objects to understand mathematical concepts, rather than just being taught the theory via books or pencil and paper exercises.

At Laxmi International School, Pre primary we believe that children develop skills much faster when they’re having fun. For example teaching the letters forming skills in papers and pencils can quickly becoming boring. Instead we allow them to use tray of sand or shaving cream foam to trace the letters with their fingers or provide play dough or clay to form the letters is a fun activity. In this way, children are more likely to remember how to form the letters better than the traditional literacy exercise.

Junior Kg kids had so much fun learning about the recognizing basic shapes using hands on. This shapes activity invited children to play creatively, imaginatively, mathematically, to construct, problem solve, explore and try new things, all while having fun and learning about shapes.

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