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Handwriting Competition

“Poor handwriting should be regarded as a sign of an imperfect education” - Mahatma Gandhi

Research proves that those who take notes by hand remember more information as compared to those who don’t; so developing this skill is a milestone for brain-building and learning. Writing is one of the criteria upon which one’s work, learning, and intellect is often assessed. Writing exercises help in the development of our motor skills.

Handwriting is an art that helps to teach children muscles control and hand eye coordination, which are essential skills for students. It is an incredibly important exercise for students as it encourages them to develop their fine motor skills and confidence. It also activates the frontal lobe of the brain and contributes to reading fluency.

An English Handwriting Competition was organized for the pre primary kids on Friday 6th January 2023. The objective of this competition was to encourage students to improve their calligraphy skills. It provided students with an opportunity to display their competency of writing legibly and neatly. The response of the students was very encouraging. The students put their best foot forward to enhance their writing skills. Students were appreciated for their work and certificates of appreciation were given to the winners.

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