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The Independence Day has a special place in the heart of every Indian. The 75th Independence Day of our motherland was celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor. The kids were told that the Independence Day of our country is celebrated 15th August every year as we got freedom from the British rulers and became an independent nation on 15th August 1947. The teachers explained about the importance of the day and the struggle of the freedom fighters.

To mark the day and to spread the fragrance of poetry among the kids of LIS Pre primary, a Virtual Hindi Rhymes Recitation Competition on the Patriotic theme was organized on 14th August 2021. Such events give children an opportunity to exhibit their talent and confidence and their love for their motherland. Children enjoy the beauty of rhyme, rhythm and music of words: they love to express their thought, feelings and patriotism. The competition inspired the children to come forward and recite in front of large audience. The enthusiastic participants showcased varied ways the love and attachment for their motherland. Students were judged on the parameters like- content, confidence, voice modulation, the props used and overall presentation. Variety of interesting rhymes with good introduction of themselves had flown in a melody from the young ones.

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