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Navrarti Celebration

ॐ जयन्ती मंगला काली भद्रकाली कपालिनी। दुर्गा क्षमा शिवा धात्री स्वाहा स्वधा नमोऽस्तुते।। जय माता दी।

The school believes in celebrating all the common festivals and events (national and international) irrespective of religion and region. This allows students from varied backgrounds to share their own culture and heritage as well as be appreciative of that of others. These celebrations are held on the day or a day prior (in case of a holiday) and involve dressing up in the related attire, eating the related food items and enacting the related historical stories, ensuring that even within a modern world, tradition and culture is kept alive.

LIS Pre primary organized Navratri Celebration on 9th October, 2021 between 09.30 am to 11.00 am on a virtual platform. The celebration started by offering prayers to Goddess Navdurga. Teachers explained about the nine forms of Durga and nine different qualities then by performing the traditional dance form Garba. The event was well attended by all the enthusiastic kids (virtually) faculty and staff members in traditional grooming. All of them celebrated the day with joy and cheer. It was a colorful event with teachers and the students enthusiastically took part in dance. The event became an excellent example of celebration of tradition with joy and fervor at its fullest.

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