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KG Parent Teacher Meeting

A Parent Teacher Meeting for the pre primary students was held on Saturday 31st July 2021. 78% of parents have attended the PTM thus displaying enthusiastic interest among parents for the smooth working and progress of the school. The main points discussed were:

1. Parents were assured that there are sincere efforts taken by the school and the teachers in providing quality education to the children, thereby looking forward for the betterment of the child.

2. Many queries of the parents regarding the payment of fees were duly answered. They were sincerely informed about the online fee payment avenues that the school has provided considering the ongoing situation.

3. Parents were requested to ensure that their ward keeps up with and regularly attends the online classes and practices the study material that is sent on a regular basis. Many points related to how to engage them productively at home in the present situation, were also discussed.

5. They were also informed about the monthly surprise test conducted last month. They have identified the areas of strength and weakness of the child and sorted out ways to boost the child’s performance

6. Many parents raised issues of network and problems of connectivity during classes due to which the child sometimes misses out on the topic being done. They were assured that the topic wise videos taken in studio will be shared with them to support the topic covered in online classes.

Overall, parents were very encouraging and supportive, and were extremely appreciative of the efforts taken by the Management,

respected Principal and the teachers. They acknowledged that teachers have put in their sincere effort in providing continuous guidance for their children. They also appreciated the opportunities of the various activities and competitions that their ward gets to participate in, even during these time.

The PTM came to an end with the conclusion that joint effort, mutual understanding and cooperation of parents and teachers is very important for the proper nourishment and progress of students.

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