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Let's Doodle'

October 23,2021

LIS organized Doodle Art Activity on 23rd October, 2021 (Saturday) for Class 6-8 during the CCA period and for Classes 1-5 online. The theme of the activity was ‘Diwali Greeting Card’. The purpose of this activity was to make students stay focused, grasp new concepts and retain information.

For this activity students received guidance from the in-charge teachers about Doodle Art. Students engaged themselves in making the Diwali Greeting card by their own creativity and imagination. They artistically showed their creative and innovative skills.

Photos and videos were colle cted by the class teachers; which were further uploaded on the google drive link provided to them.

This initiative inculcated positive vibes among the learners. It brought more light to the festive season.

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