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Lohri Celebration

Indian heritage is very unique in the world because of the presence of the diversity in many religions, castes, creed, race and ethnicity across India. Indian culture, often labeled as a combination of several cultures. At Laxmi International School we believe in transferring values and traditions to our kids. This awareness will enable kids to understand the global changes and imbibe the modified and modern version of the culture.

This year Laxmi international School, Pre primary celebrated Virtual Lohri and Makar Sankranti on 13th January 2022. The day started with a special assembly followed by a presentation on how other states of India celebrate Makar Sankranti. Principal addressed the kids and talked about the safety measures to be followed during the festivals. She emphasized that Lohri festival prompts people to be thankful for God’s provision and also encouraged teachers to play a vital role to keep the tradition and culture alive in our festivities.

Lohri marks the end of winter and is a traditional welcome of longer days and the sun's journey to the northern hemisphere by Hindus and Sikhs in the northern region of the Indian subcontinent. It is observed the night before Makar Sankranti. Teachers made the arrangements of bonfire, fancy foods, food baskets, and dancing to the tunes of hit chartbuster.

We offered food items to the God of Fire and walked around the bonfire with a belief that it will take away all negativity from life and bring in prosperity. Here, the bonfire symbolizes Lord Agni. After offering food to the almighty, we seek blessings, prosperity and happiness from Lord Agni. The day ended with class wise fun activity conducted.

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