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Merry Christmas

“Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling”

Edna Ferber

Instilling traditional values in our children has been an important part of our curriculum. Various festivals are celebrated in the school and children get to learn about our Indian traditions and the stories and episodes related to each festival of different religions.

This year LIS Pre primary celebrated Christmas in a different way i.e. via the online platform. Though the celebrations were held virtually, the kids were all excited for the celebration and attend it in colored clothes. Many of them were sported their Christmas caps, some wore Santa costume, masks and caps and were ready for the celebration. The kids and teachers greeted each other. The celebration began with a prayer song. The teacher then shared the screen to show the story of Jesus’s birth. The teachers put in a lot of effort to make this day a memorable one. The pre-primary wing vibrated with the echoes of Christmas carols on the occasion of Christmas. The kids did miss for not being in the school on this occasion. Christmas is a celebration of winter. A winter display was arranged for the kids. Teachers showed and explained different items used during winter. Some guessing games were played. The celebration ended by wishing each other ‘Merry Christmas’ and ‘Happy New Year’ 2022. The day ended on a happy note with Children imbibing the true message of Christmas - love, joy and goodwill to all.

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