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Monsoon Mania

‘Rainy Season’ or ‘Monsoon’ the beautiful season of the year is a gift of God to mankind. It revives our souls and fills the surroundings with the beauty of fresh greenery.

To acknowledge this blessed gift of God; pre primary student celebrated –Monsoon Mania in the month of July. Things used during rainy season were beautifully displayed. A presentation on Rainy season was shown by the teachers. During circle Time kids were made to sit in a group, discussed and shared words related to monsoon season. The children actively participated in the activity and tried to speak maximum words related to the topic. It was an enriching and learning experience for them.

Think and speak

The season of showers has begun. The rain brings along with it the nature’s beauty-beautiful raindrops, colorful rainbows and thundering storms. Children enjoy going out and love to float paper boats…….

Monsoon can be made fun at school too.

Guess who?

Rain on the green grass,

Rain on the tree,

Rain on the roof top,

But not on me…….

The children actively participated in Monsoon Mania reciting poems related to monsoon season. Riddles were asked and children had to guess the words related to the same. They enthusiastically participated in the activity and were curious to learn more. It was a brainstorming activity for them.

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