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Date: 09/08/2022


“If you cannot come to the Museum, THE MUSEUM WILL COME TO YOU “

Founded in 2015, the Citi -CSMVS Museum on Wheels project is a pioneering outreach initiative designed to reach audiences beyond the

walls of the Museum.

The Museum on Wheels hopes to further its reach and has added a second bus to its fleet, aiming to travel beyond Maharashtra and reach over 1 million people.

LIS had taken an initiative for the students of grade 1 to 12 to enjoy the” Museum on Wheels” helping them to collect and preserve our objects and materials of religious, cultural, and historical values to experience the virtual museum.

Our kids were encouraged to touch several of the models and get hand on learning experience. Their idea was simple: If students can’t go to the museum, the museum will go to them. Truly it was a great pleasure to host Museum on Wheels at our organization .

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