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My Five Senses

'All our knowledge begins with the senses.'

The five senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch) are the different ways that our human bodies receive information; helping us to understand our surroundings and our environment. Sensory play encourages learning through exploration, curiosity, problem solving and creativity. It helps to build nerve connections in the brain and encourages the development of language and motor skills. There are many benefits that may go unnoticed, such as the development of abilities to focus and block out distractions. Sensory play is an important part of childhood and, within reason, there are really no limits to what you can use in sensory activities. Nature can often be your best friend when it comes to sensory play!

We encourage kids’ everyday to think and use their five senses in their daily routine from eating breakfast to walking to the school. 6th June was completely dedicated to explore their senses through different activities. The day started with assembly followed by the explanation on senses and five sense organs. We don't stop at just touch. We allow the kids to explore sense of taste, sound, sight and smell!

We gave an opportunity to our Preschoolers to explore by organizing sensory station, show and tell and quiz competition, where they got to work more independently and confidently.

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