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National Doctor's Day

July 1st is celebrated as National Doctors Day across the country. The day aims at propagating the work of doctors and also to keep alive the memory of doctors who have devoted their lives doing social service. LIS Pre primary celebrated this special day with enthusiasm and fun.

The idea of this celebration was conceived by Dr. Bindhan Chandra Roy, a physician and political leader who was also the chief minister of West Bengal. Dr. Bindhan Chandra Roy devoted his life to serving the underprivileged and the poor, so doctor’s day was celebrated to mark his birth anniversary on 1st July.

To express gratitude towards all the Doctors, Role of the doctor’ activity was planned for the pre primary students. Role play is essential to fire up students’ creativity and imagination and it also helps to develop skills such as communication, empathy, and socialization. Kids talked about Doctors’ kit, healthy habits, personal hygiene etc. Through this activity child learns Importance of health care and it helped to become familiar with a few medical terms.

Few students were taken to the nearby hospitals and handed over the Hand Made Greetings for all the life savings professionals. A small thanks to all the Doctors who have spent so much time and energy to save our health and life. From students to teachers everybody participated in the celebration and making it a huge success.

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