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National Science Week- Day 3

3 E’s-Explore, Experiment, Experience

February 23, 2022

LIS observed Day 3 of National Science Week on February 23, 2022. To promote the awareness about the conservation of environment, range of activities were organised for the students of Classes 1 to 11, on the theme Biodiversity. Brochure Designing of different medicinal and useful plants describing their importance and how they are helpful to us in many ways for classes (1 to 5) Create a Herbarium for classes (6-8) Case study presentation on Biodiversity for classes (9-11)

The experiential activities aided to raise an appreciation and deeper understanding of species, ecosystems and the interconnectedness of the living world among the students. Students participated with great curiosity, wit and enthusiasm in the activities as they learnt about the importance of biodiversity, preservation of the diversity of species and sustainability of species and ecosystem.

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