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Offline Exams Post Covid Scenario

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always try just one more time!

This has been better understood and practiced by our school and our students-our future leaders.


For this certainly we have to peep into our past, the unexpected pandemic which shook the whole world. The worst affected was the education and online mode of learning became the only one source of learning. Our school without wasting a single minute, took a prompt decision for the same. Things were streamlined and we all were acquainted with this new way of learning.

Now it is almost a year and things are getting back into track and according to CBSE norms 10 and 12 students were made ready for their offline exams.

Thinking about online to offline exams from student’s point of view, making them ready mentally and physically was a challenge. But LIS always as a team was ready for this challenge.

Offline exams were conducted in school keeping all the rules and regulations in mind. From assembling to dispersing of the students were taken care by our facilitators.

With all these arrangements our parents and students showed a very good response. The smallest queries of the parents and students were dealt with utter care as our goal always been to spread One happiness!!

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