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Parent Orientation 2022-2023

Parent Orientation Programme

Date: 22/06/2022 to 27/06/2022

Welcoming parents to the new academic session, our respected principal sir Mr. Pravin Pawar spoke at length about the benefits of effective communication between parents and teachers; he laid emphasis on a strong connection with the school patrons. He even sought support and suggestions from the parents to provide best education and growth opportunities to the children of the school, and shared few tips on good parenting. Moving further, he also spoke in detail about different ways of nurturing a child with love and care to build a strong foundation for a glorious future.

The parents were briefed about the rules and regulations of the school. Later, respective teachers gave an overview of the various subjects and the activities which would be undertaken in the year ahead. Not to forget, the co-scholastic activities were also discussed that gave the parents an idea of the curriculum which is self-directed with hands-on learning activities that not only give our students a medium to fully utilize their creative talents and energies, but also help them in their all-round development.

The orientation programme proved to be a sincere effort made by the school in educating the parents to look after and guide their children in a proper manner. It also helped in evolving a common teaching strategy and helped the parents in identifying suitable follow up methods to reinforce the learning process of their children.

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