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Parent's Webinar

The COVID-19 outbreak has no doubt brought a new challenge to our education community with the transition to online learning. This has become a tough routine for the parents working from home while simultaneously helping with their children’s education.

As we all know that family engagement, a mutual commitment made between educators and families help into the overall development of the child, is a crucial component to student’s success. In traditional classroom settings, family and parent engagement has been shown to improve student’s social skills, deepen engagement, and minimize behavioral issues. With the shift to virtual learning, parent’s engagement is arguably more important than ever. With added engagement required from parents in online learning, how can they discover their best role to play?

A webinar “HOCUS FOCUS” was arranged for the pre primary parents on Tuesday 1st June 2021.

Mrs Anshu Dua, an educationist, a curriculum developer, Synthetic phonics trainer was the mentor to guide the parents and explained their role to ensure optimal learning for their children.

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