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Parent Teacher Meeting

March 25, 2022

"Take action! An inch of moment will bring you closer to your goals than a mile of intention."

LIS is devoted to deliver excellence in teaching and aims at holistic development of students thus empowering them to be global citizens.

A Parent Teacher Meeting was held for classes III, IV and IX on 25th March 2022, with an intention to discuss the Annual academic performance and overall key behavioural observations of the students and highlighted the student’s educational experiences.

The class teachers shared their comprehensive feedback in reference to the academic performance and based on the feed back provided by the subject

teachers. The parents felt elated while going through the marksheet which exhibited students' progress in formal assessment and activities done in the class, to make the teaching learning process effective.

Parents expressed contentment towards the institution for the initiatives taken in enhancing the

personality of the students under the able guidance of the teachers and Principal

Mr. Pravin Pawar. They also appreciated the efforts taken by the school in spreading awareness on important environmental issues to protect our planet.

Indeed a productive and fruitful day it was!

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