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Patriotic Song Competition 2019

“Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others because you were born in it”

To foster a sense of belongingness towards our motherland a ‘Patriotic Singing Competition’ is organised. Music binds our soul, hearts and emotions. It not only develops aesthetic sense but is also a key to creativity. It is one of the most beloved human experiences and plays an important role in the education of a child by providing him with an opportunity of self-expression The patriotic singing competition showcases our love and respect for our motherland. It expresses our devotion and inculcates reverence for our country blended with a sense of fulfilment and responsibility towards our country.

An Inter-Class Patriotic Song Competition was organized at LIS. A platform was given to the students to imbibe a sense of devotion towards our motherland. Patriotic songs sung demonstrated their love for the country. The themes chosen were to glorify sacrifice, land’s beauty, history and martyrdom.

The melodious voice fused with patriotism enthralled one and all.

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