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Pet Day Celebration

'Money can buy you the best breed of pet but it can’t buy its loyalty and love'.

National Pet Day is observed on April 11 every year and is dedicated to all pets to celebrate the relationship between a person and his or her pet. The relationship between a person and a pet cannot be described in words and is inexpressible but holds great value. National Pet Day is dedicated to pets and people on this day take out some time off their busy schedules for their pets and expresses their unconditional love for them.

Pets are part of the family. Even kids who do not have pets at home are interested in dogs, cats, fish, and other animals. Pet Day was celebrated at LIS Pre primary on 11th April. But this time it’s not just a celebration a pets theme was planned to teach children about the different types of animals that make good pets and how to care for pets, such as meeting their needs of food, water, shelter and love. This is an important part of developing empathy!

To make learning fun and engaging we planned these PET THEME ACTIVITIES

· Pet theme Math Activities was conducted for SR KG kids where they have made a Pet Mom and Baby Number line! Students are identifying numbers and counting on.

Goldfish graph activity was done by SR KG A & C kids. They talked about the results of the color graph. Which has the most/least/equal? Have students compare their graph with a friend’s graph. Did they get the same results? How are the graphs different/same?

· Pet theme Fine Motor Activities was conducted for Nursery kids. They made clay biscuits and feed the pets.. We love watching their imagination sprung to life as they take on a new role. This activity was perfect for them right now.

Pets Theme Collage was done by JR KG kids. In cut out pet shapes kids did collage using papers and colors.

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