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Poetic Earth Month

Date : 30/04/2022

Poetic Earth Month

It is said that when it comes to express, poem is the best medium and when poem, art and literature collaborates the outcome is truly magical.

This experience was given to our young learners of grade 1 to 12.

On the occasion of Poetic Earth Month LIS had organised Expressive Verse Art competition.

Our grade 1 to 5 young expressive minds were engaged in

expressing their emotions and feelings through art. A short poem related to Earth was given to our young learners. Based on the given poem they expressed their emotions beautifully.

Students of grade 6 to 8 did the same activity, but they enjoyed it in a group, wherein the ideas came out in the best possible way. They learnt to work in a team and respect each other's feelings.

Grade 9 to 12 tried to compose a poem based on the topic, The Beautiful Earth.

As the option was given to our young poets to participate in solo or in a group, they wholeheartedly participate.

Each of the them enjoyed this activity and teachers were mesmerized by their imagination and creativity.

Keep going kids!!

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