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Pool Party

"Happiness is a day at the pool!"

One can’t have more fun than playing with water on a hot day in a splash pool!

Our School splash pool is a great place to lounge in and escape the heat.

Water play activities for young children strengthen motor skills, builds balance and the ability to propel and navigate. Coordination is also sharpened.

All this in mind, the Pre-primary department of Laxmi International School held pool party for the students on 27th and 28th April, 2022. The poolside was abundantly decorated with balloons, balls and the children were handed water balloons to play with too.

Tables were arranged with healthy summer fruits display to add ambiance to the party. The tiny tots turned up in colorful swim suits and while most had great fun playing in the water, there were some who were a little scared to step in. Observant teachers clasped their little hands and led them in to wade. It was not long before the wary faces filled with frolic!

Refreshing drinks to sip in the cool pool and music to make the mood were relished by all.

At the end of the session, the kids were still beaming and in no hurry to beat a retreat!

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