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International Family Day is celebrated on 15th May every year since 1994.

The aim of Family Day is to spread awareness about the benefits of the family systems to mass.

“Families and New Technologies” is the theme of International Family Day 2021. The International Day of Families is represented by a specific symbol of a heart that stretches upwards and forms the roof of a house, the heart is then engraved in a green circle.

Laxmi International School pre primary celebrated International Family Day as a recap of the topic- ‘My Family’. Pre primary kids dressed up as grandparents, father, mother, uncle, aunts and siblings. The celebration started with the assembly in which children were given an opportunity to express their feelings about their family. They enacted their roles in nuclear as well as joint families and also learn about the benefits of staying together, sharing and caring. Teachers explained about the importance of every family member. Principal laid stress on the importance of restoring family values among students. She also conveyed that family is the real strength of an individual and it is really sad that we are losing that sense day by day. It is really important that the parents must realize the effect of their role in teaching family values to their kids.

It was a day full of fun and excitement for the students and would definitely be a memorable day in their life. In today’s fast growing world, such activities revive and rekindle the importance of love and affection among the members of a family.

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