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"Once you hand them the strings.....

They become the narrator of your life."

Puppets have always fascinated children. But did you know that puppets aren't just used for entertainment? The benefits of puppet play include helping children learn various academic and social skills.

Various studies have proved that puppets are very effective aids for fostering cooperation, enhancing creativity, and improving communication in preschoolers.

Puppet shows for kids have been used in classrooms and homes for fun and learning. We make sock puppets by drawing a pair of eyes, ears and a cheerful mouth on a pair of socks, using characters cutouts and sticking them on stick our stick puppets are ready. Slip one puppet on each hand or hold the sticks and start a conversation between the two.

What can preschoolers learn through puppets? The benefits are multifarious. Puppet play helps child in: Learning to communicate, understanding concepts, thinking creatively, participating in craft work, enjoying companionship and developing multiple skills.

Children love to play with toys and puppets. The students of LIS Kindergarten experienced the same joy today while watching the Puppet Show organized for them to inculcate moral values through a beautiful story. The Puppet Show not only entertained the little hearts but also helps to become a better individual. Children were wonder struck to see the intricate skill of coordination and balancing of the puppetry artists. The whole show was undoubtedly a visual treat for all.

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