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Rainbow Day

"Rainbows are the gift from heaven to all of us."

The Rainbow is lovable scenery that is colorful and pleasant to eyes. Rainbow from the sky was brought down to the Pre primary department of Laxmi International School. Our school celebrated a rainbow day on 09-02-2023 to celebrate the primary and secondary colors.

The day started with a special assembly followed by display of Rainbow colored objects. Rainbow food plate was created just to make the kids aware about the importance all the food items to have in our plate daily to maintain a healthy life. Teachers explained about the primary and secondary colors. Later they were engaged in various activities like hand print on girls frock using rainbow colors.

A beautiful VIBGYOR was created by clothes and objects brought by the students. The main objective was to deliver the concept of “Rainbow colors” to the children through hands on activity.

Our Principal also joined the celebration. Day was made memorable with fun and colors.

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