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Safety Week

"Safety is a small investment for a rich future."

Road safety is an issue of prime concern to all. Be it a pedestrian, rickshaw puller or a vehicle driver, anyone can fall prey to mishaps on roads. Laxmi International school, Pre primary made an attempt to reduce the number of such unfortunate incidences by sensitizing students towards this global issue by celebrating ‘Safety Week’ from 4th to 6th January 2023.

4th and 5th January educators showed them presentations and discussed safety at home and school. The program was initiated by principal Madam addresses the students discussing the road signs and the measures to be followed on road.

The importance of obeying traffic rules while travelling on the roads was also discussed. Students were sensitized on the issue so as to make them a responsible road user. The aim of the activity was to enhance respect for one’s life and that of others- and inculcate the sensitivity that each life matters, thereby inspiring students to act responsibly on the road and make Indian road the safest in the world.

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