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'Save Animals Save Humanity'

Do you love animals and wish you could do more to help them? Well, you can and today we will talk about the super easy things that you can do right now and every day to help animals.

Each animal, from the smallest fish to the largest land mammal plays an important role in their ecosystems. Losing an animal species impacts their habitats altogether. Animals help pollination, keep forests healthy and even control pests.

Plants and animals are the backbone of life on the Earth; it is important to conserve them and save them from getting extinct, maintaining their right population that help in enriching the biodiversity or the richness of flora and fauna worldwide.

Learning about endangered animals is a really great way for kids to learn empathy and show concern for the world around them. Children innately have a desire to care for animals, and there are many activities for kids that help instill an even greater love and respect for animals! Throughout this week kids were told about the importance of animals, benefits that we get from them, how they become extinct and how we can save them. Today was the day of celebration, where kids in their animals costume and masks enact like them. They took pledge to protect animals by – Planting trees, Keeping the surroundings clean, pick up thrash, adopt an animal, donate and stay informed. These assurance can help contribute to save animals!

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