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Session on POCSO-Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses.

Date: 24/03/2023

Session on POCSO-Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses: Identification and Intervention at Primary School

"One's dignity may be assaulted and vandalized, but it can never be taken away unless it is surrendered."

To understand this LIS organized a session on POCSO.

It was an impactful two hours session conducted by our school special educator Ms. Anupama Gour.

Anupama ma'am briefed us about the POCSO law, myths and facts related to sexual assault, identifying the problem, and most important part, how we as an educator can be a guiding light for our children.

The session was conducted in Multi-Purpose Hall and attended by all the teachers of grades 1 to 12.

This session clearly stated that when we are healing, the steps to empower ourselves often feel like we've been given feathers to fight fearsome monsters. But our journey out of the darkness is made of a series of small choices and actions that gently steer us toward the light. Remember, what your adult considers too little is a daring, courageous challenge for your inner child.”

The session also sensitized the fact that moving from victim to survivor is an important step in recovery. During this phase we reflect upon the experience, actively engage in facing and owning what happened, and recognize the connection between the abuse and the way we feel, think, or behave. And then to move 'beyond survivor' to gain insights and skills that make it possible for you to live an abundant, powerful life that is no longer mired in the past. You will see the scar, but you will no longer feel wounded.

The objective behind conducting this session was to make every educator realize that they can play a crucial role in identifying such cases at the initial stage and see that our students no longer be impacted by the abuse on a daily basis.

Truly an informative and impactful session.

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