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Story Dramatization- "Safety At Home'

"Safety is the key

And it is up to You and Me."

In almost every culture in the world, people use stories and storytelling to share values and essential events in their lives. At LIS Pre primary teachers use storytelling and story dramatization not only to teach moral values but also to teach important concepts. Normally the teachers dramatize stories by: 1) telling or reading the stories in engaging and expressive ways; 2) facial expression and body language; 3) Using props, costumes and technology. We consider dramatization as an approach as it helps children to grasp the meaning of the stories, learn moral values and many great ideas and concepts.

In this way story and storytelling is adaptable and allow teachers to adopt it according to the needs of the curriculum we use. As it has been noticed that children are not able to fully comprehend abstract concept such as – morality, our teachers play an essential role in helping children understand and learn about the valuable life lessons from stories, for example, they learn about how people solve their problems; how to explore emotion and treat others well, how to be kind, share and using good manners. Today teachers presented the concept of “Safety at home’ through story dramatization. The characters in the story help children understand issues from different perspectives and develop empathy, to play a meaningful part in children thought and behavior. The story provides a snapshot of their relationship with others and inspires good behavior.

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