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"The Art of Teaching is the Art of Discovery."

"The Art of Teaching is the Art of Discovery."

Great teachers help to create great students. Laxmi International School hosted CBSE teachers' training programme on 'Capacity Building Programme-Experiential Learning' on 27 and 28 of June at school campus. Principals and teachers from different schools enthusiastically participated in the two-day training session where they could equip with techniques and modern pedagogy strategies. The training programme benefited from a range of specialised support from the experienced and renowned trainers, Mr Tejaskumar Deai and Ms Anita Noronha. They provided the teachers with vital training on different areas comprised with Kolb's Experiential Learning Model, Blooms Taxonomy, main theories of learning, multiple intelligence, difference between objectives and outcomes, different methods of assessment etc. The teachers became the part of many activities and the training was a great success.

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