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Virtual Gandhi Jayanti Celebration

We celebrate Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October every year in remembrance of our beloved Father of Nation. This year 2022 is remarked as 153rd birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. We recall his struggles for getting us free India and pay our heartfelt tribute to Gandhi ji for all his sacrifices made for the country.

As it was a holiday so we had opted for virtual platform. To revere this day, the Students and Teachers of LIS held a Special Assembly to commemorate the Mahatma’s life and teachings on 1st October 2022. The teachers and students sung Gandhi’s favorite bhajan ‘Vaishnav Janto’ with full exuberance. A short video on Gandhiji”s life was displayed. Different activities were conducted class wise. Nursery and Junior KG kids made Gandhiji’s spec using bangles and wool senior KG kids made Charkha using ice-cream sticks, match sticks and wool.

Our teachers also encouraged the students to contribute their part of life for good social cause and by being a responsible citizen of the country.

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