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With closed schools, no playtime, no separation between home time and school time, children are completely off routine. As a result many kids have experienced loneliness which is a key risk factor for the mental health and well being of children. It therefore seems important to facilitate support to children to help them to get rid of loneliness and boredom. Summer camp is an opportunity for that and in another way, to horn certain life skills while having fun.

Starting from first week of May, a Virtual Summer Camp was organized for the Pre primary kids of Laxmi International School, Sarigam. The camp duration was 10 days, starting on 3rd May, and continuing till the14th.

Children in the age group of three to five are in moulding stage. Right skills imparted now can help them shape their life and future. This Summer Camp has come up with ingredients to help children gain different skills which will not only help themselves but also their surroundings. Saving energy, 3R’s, making of compost, maintaining a healthy dietary habit since such an early age, beginning to set clear goals in life, managing time, keeping discipline in day to day life.

“You can make a difference”

You can make a difference is an unique concept of the camp which helps children become creative, dynamic, productive and sensitive citizen of India and by instilling the belief that each individual is capable of making a difference.

The core ingredients of the program are as follows:

  • Sessions on Eco friendly awareness

  • Easy Science experiments

  • Making of healthy, nutritious snacks,

  • Tips on developing good food habits

  • Art and craft

  • Videos on amazing facts about space,

  • Space craft work

  • Physical Fitness( Zumba, Yoga, Aerobics)

  • Guests-

A big Thanks to the Guest lecturer MS Pratima who taught us yoga during the camp.

  • Teachers In charges

Be it during the planning stage, or when the camp was in progress, the wholehearted efforts of all the teachers involved are what made the Summer Camp a success. Mother’s Day was also celebrated during the camp. The enthusiasm and joy within the kids became another main reason for the success of the camp.

We are especially thanks to the following teachers:

  • MS Rozina who led the Science activities.

  • Mrs. Jyoti who led all the Art and Craft sessions.

  • Mrs Margaret who helped with the physical fitness sessions.

  • Mrs Poonam helped kids in preparing yummy snacks.

  • Mrs Mumpi led all the Space related activities

  • Mrs Krupali helped in Eco friendly activities.

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